CONSOLE Patch update for Shadow Gambit: The Cursed Crew is now live!

Ahoy cursed pirates! Just last week we successfully deployed a substantial patch update on PC platforms. Now, we are ready to unleash the patch update for consoles, as well.

The console patch update will go live this afternoon on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S.

Check out the patch update notes for PC and consoles, with the platform specific changes listed further below:

Patch UPDATE Notes 

Most Important Fixes


Classic controller camera controls

We brought back the camera controls from Desperados III and Shadow Tactics. You can switch under “Options” > “Gameplay” > “Camera Follow Mode” and change it to Standard.

In this mode you can pan the camera with the right stick. When you hold down RT you can zoom and rotate with the right stick. You can pin the camera to the current selected player by tapping RT. This was D-pad down in Desperados III and Shadow Tactics.

Classic RTS control scheme

Default button layout has been adjusted so “Execute Shadow Mode” keys no longer conflict with other keys

Fixed cases of mouse clicks not being handled properly in this control scheme

  • Doors/Ladders now use the correct movement mouse button
  • Viewcone can be activated correctly in all cases


  • Logbook hotkey (default bound to F2) is now rebindable
  • Completion percentage calculations have been adjusted and should now properly end up at 100%

  • Cry Some More: Killing “Basito el Amanuensis” on Gran Alcazar now correctly counts toward this badge
  • Bigger On The Inside: Entering the Marley’s Hold now correctly triggers this badge Any story mission, tutorial room or crew tale will work
  • Deadly Ascent: Adjusted evaluation algorithm and added a badge failed notification Badge is granted on mission completi
    • NOTE: Due to technical limitations, this badge can only be completed in the mission “Prepare For Trouble”


Golden Skeleton in Gaëlle’s Training Deck is now accessible to be killed

Small fixes and improvements


  • Fixed model of planning mode ghost for various NPCs while Pinkus is perusing their mind
  • Fixed a few incorrectly rendered effects
  • Fixed effect flickering on certain hardware
  • Several small tweaks to cutscenes
    • Added small visual effect for Estelle on returning to the Marley after completing a mission
    • Fixed incorrectly placed cutscene camera in certain cases
    • Fixed Afia being crouched in an important story cutscene if she is crouched when cutscene starts
    • Fixed Ignacia already carrying a certain object while attempting to pick it up during the cutscene
    • Fixed camera shake not properly ending in certain cases when quickly skipping a cutscene
    • Adjusted positions of characters in a few cutscenes
  • Fixed dynamic bend of foliage objects in reaction to player character movement
  • Improved cloth behavior for player characters in certain cases
  • Added portrait animation for a certain important story character
  • Fixed mirror lights not turning on properly in certain cases during Act 3


**Beware: Spoilers – Unfold At Own Risk!** 
  • Fixed several skill interactions with Virgilio
  • The bolt of mimicked Teresa’s “Iron Judgment” no longer gets lost after switching off of her
  • Mimicked Afia now has the same context action evaluation on her “Blink” skill as when used by the original Afia
  • Gaëlle’s “Fire Kanol” skill can now no longer be used while inside of another Kanol. This applies to both the first or the second Kanol being mimicked at the time.
  • Improved handling of Pinkus’ context actions for Kill/Carry/Tie Up actions
  • Fixed several edge case interactions with NPCs that Pinkus used “Mind Peruse” on
  • It should no longer be possible to fire non-swimmer characters into the water with Gaëlle’s “Fire Kanol” skill
  • Fixed missing jump prompts from a small boat to the beach in Calamity Reef
  • Improved navigation around the beaches of New Krucbury and the Isle of Penance
  • Fixed issues with planning actions while a character is using doors
  • Fixed saving being blocked after restarting a mission during a cutscene


  • Improved volume handling of NPC dialog in the intro mission on Angler’s Grave
  • Improved audio handling in a certain climactic cutscene
  • Enabled Voice Over language change option during missions
  • Fixed sound effect when firing the cannons on the Marley being delayed
  • Added missing german voice overs for the Lighthouse Keeper on Calamity Reef


  • Fixed red X incorrectly being shown on interactable objects in certain circumstances
  • Fixed missing or overlapping input icons in certain cases
  • Improved UI navigation in mission selection screens with controller
  • Disabled character slot re-ordering on the Marley
  • Fixed key icons still being shown on the map on an NPC after they have been taken by the player
  • Fixed Upgrades and Crew Tales objectives still being shown in the UI after already completing all of them
  • Improved feedback when aiming trajectory is blocked
  • Fixed several translation errors and typos across multiple languages
  • Fixed incorrect portrait being shown when perusing the mind of a Magistratus
  • Improved Dialogue Log automatic scrolling
  • Improved visuals of icon on not yet unlocked badges
  • Fixed the Newsfeed being able to overlap with the Memory menu in the Main Menu


  • Fixed a rare case of main story getting stuck in a “Revive X characters” quest
  • Fixed post effects not being properly set after loading a quicksave (e.g. Chromatic Abberation)
  • Wait when closing the game while a savegame write is still in progress as to not lose progress
  • Fixed memory capture issue in the Training Decks after progressing too far with unlocking a certain Easter Egg
  • Added handling for detecting disconnecting controllers
  • Added handling for Steam Deck screen lock becoming active
  • Potentially fixed a game crash for old CPUs that could happen during loading screens
  • Fixed cases of rogue savefiles being left on disk of already completed missions
  • Fixed pathfinding issues when loading a in-progress mission after applying a patch
  • Fixed several typos in the Credits
  • Added Kowloon logo animation to the bootup sequence
  • Adjusted hardware thresholds for automatic graphic settings detection (results in better default quality settings for more users – only applies on fresh game starts)

Platform Specific

Xbox Series X|S & PlayStation 5

  • Hotfix changes (released on 2023-08-22 on PC platforms):
    • Fixed two different occurences of “Something went wrong while capturing a memory” issues
      • Using Pinkus to overtake a Prognosticar and then using the Prognosticar’s skill
      • Playing extended sessions (multiple hours) in the same mission. Primarily affected missions on Iron Bay and Angler’s Grave.
    • Fixed a progression issue related to character revive that could occur after a crash
  • Changes that were already included in PC launch version
    • Improved animation cancel detection of melee attacks when pressing controller stick in certain directions during the skill
    • Fixed rare incorrect interactions between cutscenes and shadow mode planning, which resulted in missing character models during cutscenes
    • Fixed rare music desync issue
    • Fixed two unusable cave entries on Dread Vines Cove
    • Fixed edge case issues with planning mode
    • Fixed several floor surface markups to now generate correct impact effects

Playstation 5

  • Fixed missing subtitles for cinematic trailer during bootup sequence
  • Fixed missing audio during video playback of cinematic trailer during bootup sequence and Island introduction videos
  • Main Story Activity now properly loads into the latest saved game of the active profile when game was closed

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