Ahoy, cursed pirate!

Welcome to the Lost Caribbean! In this stealth strategy game, join a ghost ship with a living soul and assemble a cursed pirate crew. Embrace supernatural powers to defy the menacing Inquisition of the Burning Maiden, who stands between you and the mysterious treasure of the legendary Captain Mordechai.


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Assemble your crew

Embark on a journey with cursed pirate Afia and seek the legendary Black Pearls to revive a cursed crew of your own. Each of your eight shipmates is a playable character with an individual personality and armed with unique supernatural powers.

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Your ship, your home

Join The Red Marley, a ghost ship with a living soul. On deck, plan your next adventure or just hang out with your crew mates while they enjoy their un-life. Get to know these legendary cursed pirates of the Lost Caribbean. With individual character missions find out about their backstories, learn who they are and what led them on their cursed journeys.

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Pull-off an epic heist and salvage a mysterious treasure of otherworldly power to defy the army of the Inquisition. Infiltrate their fortresses. Sneak behind enemy lines. Cleverly combine the magical skills of your crew to take out a variety of enemies with carefully considered tactics. Feel like a brilliant mastermind when your plan clicks perfectly into place!

Explore the Lost Caribbean

Go ashore a variety of exotic islands in the Lost Caribbean. From locales oozing with cursed soul magic to tropical beaches and lively pirate shanty towns: Every island is a unique hand-crafted sandbox where adventures await.

Play it your way

Freely select your crew members before embarking on each mission. Utilize their unique abilities to find new strategies against the forces of the Inquisition. Plot your own path to enter and exit each island, be stealthy or more head-on in your play style and use the environment to your advantage. It’s your playground to experiment in!



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Chat with the community and ask us questions about the game on our Discord server. We’re looking forward to have you join our crew, cursed pirate!

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