Hotfix #3 Patch Update: Now Live!

Avast ye, cursed pirates!

We’ve just released a Hotfix patch update on Steam, GOG, Xbox Series and PlayStation 5.

It will also go live on the Epic Games Store later today.

The Hotfix patch update addresses the most crucial bugs that you have reported since the launch of the two DLCs Shadow Gambit: Yuki’s Wish and Shadow Gambit: Zagan’s Ritual.

Here are the most important changes that we made:

  • Fixed bug in the character mission “Gaelle’s Letter (Ch.2)” preventing the player from leaving the warehouse.
    • Unfortunately the save games for this mission will be deprecated and players will need to restart it. In other missions this should not be the case.
  • Fixed crashes and issues when using Yuki’s Tanuki Kuma in some edge cases.
  • Fixed the “Give Them No Quarter” badge that was not properly working before.
  • Removed “The Tome” hard setup double enemies.
  • Implemented several small fixes.

See you on the high seas!

The Mimimis