The FREE DEMO of Shadow Gambit: The Cursed Crew is available again for you and will stay for good this time!

Try the demo to get a first taste of Shadow Gambit: The Cursed Crew before you buy the full game. Download it here on Steam:

The free demo is also available on the Epic Game Store and GOG.

Don’t forget to add the game to your wishlist if you enjoy it or simply buy it directly on your preferred platform once it launches on August 17, 2023 for PC (Steam/EGS/GOG), PS5 and Xbox Series.


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PS5 & Xbox Series Trial

Moreover, starting on launch day we’ll offer a trial version of the game on Xbox Series and PlayStation 5 that gives you two hours of playtime before you have to decide to purchase the full game. That’s plenty of time to test the waters for any up-and-coming cursed pirate!

Tell us what you think

It would help us a lot if you could share your first impressions of the demo on all community and social media channels that you are active on with the hashtag #playshadowgambit.

Also, tell your friends and family about it, get them to play the demo and talk about Shadow Gambit: The Cursed Crew everywhere you can. 🙂 That would really help us to reach more people with our game.

Thank you for your support! It means a ton to us.


You’ll get to play the beginning of the game which equals to ~2-4 hours of gameplay, depending on your experience with the genre and your playstyle.

The demo includes the game intro, various missions on two islands, and multiple visits to your ghost ship, the Red Marley, which serves as a hub between missions.


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Matthias, Elena & Adriano
Communications Team @ Mimimi Games